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Biography of Vlora Çitaku – Minister of European Integrations of the Republic of Kosovo

Ms. Çitaku is only the second Minister of European Integration since this ministry was established in the Government of Kosovo in 2009.

She has previously served as an Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, in a ministry established only after Kosovo declared its Independence.

Ms. Çitaku helped establish the Ministry, create the very first Diplomatic Corps of Kosovo and represent Kosovo in bilateral and multilateral basis, such as in the UN Security Council.

Ms. Çitaku has also served as a Member of Parliament in two legislatures as a member of Democratic Party of Kosovo. She has been involved in parliamentary Commissions of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. In the last elections, Ms. Çitaku has been elected being one of the most voted candidates in her party.

She is also a member of the Presidency of the biggest political party in Kosovo, which she joined since the very establishment of the party in 1999. Previously she has served as the spokesperson of the party, a media advisor as well as a liaison officer with the international community.

Ms. Çitaku has an MA in Media and Journalism and prior to joining politics has worked as a journalist and an interpreter for several Western media during Kosovo crisis of 1998 – 1999.

Ms. Çitaku also serves as a board member of a Kosovo charity that is involved in protection of women against domestic violence.

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