The creation of the Ministry of European Integration in April 2010 by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo marks an important step and shows that European Integration is a national priority and shared institutional starting point. Considering that Kosovo’s future is in the European Union, the process of EU accession itself will assist in improving living standards for all citizens, promoting economic and regional integration and bringing Kosovo closer to Europe.

We are aware that the people of Kosovo have entrusted us with a great responsibility. Therefore we are committed to working toward clear progress; identifying the opportunities for action and constructive change. In order to approach a long and difficult process, like that of European integration, we have set some priorities through which we can channel our strength, commitment and hard work. Amongst these are included the free movement of citizens, economic integration, effective donor coordination, establishing one system of communication with actors inside and outside our institutions, and especially strengthening our cooperation with civil society.

This Ministry has as its main mission the direction, coordination and monitoring of all activities toward the integration of the Republic of Kosovo in the European Union,  and its field of operations covers:


Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku