Budget and Finance Office (BFO)

According to the Law on Public Financial Management and Accountability, the Budget and Finance Office (BFO) has the following main tasks and responsibilities: Prepares budget requests of the Ministry together with the Ministry of Finances;
Exercises financial control in the Ministry;
Reports on all financial issues;
In cooperation with directors of the departments plans the budget and foresees the staff;
Predicts financial implications as necessary;
Drafts and implements the procedures and rules for administration of finances in compliance with the law and rules in force;
Controls general inventory of main assets, inventory of items most often consumed and other financial assets of the Ministry;
Monitors the diary of expenses based on economic voices. Adopts payment orders for all purchases and liabilities;
Approves salaries, withholding and other actions necessary for salaries;
Comments, evaluates and approves in the financial aspect the capital projects of the Ministry;
Establishes relations with the Treasury Department and Budget Department of MF in compliance with the Law on Public Finances;
Drafts periodic reports about the course of budget;
In coordination with the Treasury prepares monthly report of expenses;
Fills and keeps financial documents as foreseen by the law;
Keeps bookkeeping for the Ministry and closes the annual balance;
Applies respective rules and procedures for actions with finances and
Registers every month in the book salary, base salaries with respective bonuses;
Registers in the cashbox book all bank deposits and payment orders and reconciles them every month;
Withdraws cash and operates according to payment orders and makes registration in the cashbox book

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku