Secretary General

Nuhi OsmaniActing Secretary General

Mr Nuhi Osmani was appointed as Secretary General of the Ministry of European Integration of the Republic of Kosovo on August 10th, 2018.

Since 2005, Mr. Osmani has held various positions. During 2005-2006 he worked in the Municipal Court in Skenderaj within the NCSC project where he performed the practical work in the court. Before this period he worked as a manager in the private sector. From 01.02.2007 to 01.12.2010 Mr. Osmani worked as Senior Legal Officer at the Ministry of Justice, while from 01.12.2010 to 07.08.2018 he worked as Director of the Legal Department at the MCR. He has also been appointed by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo as a member of the National Commission for Refugees for two mandates.

During this period he has participated in many working groups/teams for drafting legislation, has held hundreds of professional trainings, and has attended study visits to various institutions abroad. In the course of these trainings he has attended the School for European Integration, where for the successful achievement he was awarded the scholarship for a study visit to the EU Institutions.

Mr. Osmani is a graduate lawyer, holds the title Mr. Sc. of Criminal-Legal Sciences, as well as PhD. Cand. University of Flesburg in Germany. During his PhD studies he has supervised several master theses at the University of Flesburg, and at the same time he has participated in several scientific symposia and has published scientific papers and is currently working on some of them.

He performs the activity of the Secretary General of the Ministry of European Integration based on Article 38 of Law no. 03/L-189 on the State Administration of the Republic of Kosovo, Annex 16 of the Regulation no. 02/2011 on the Areas of Administrative Responsibility of the Office of Prime Minister and Ministries, and in accordance with the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo no. 6/121, dated 22.04.2010, as well as Regulation no. 07/2010 on the organizational structure of the Ministry of European Integration. Acting Secretary General is directly responsible to the Minister.

Email: phone: 038/200/27029

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku