Minister Hoxha seeks support from the German Ministry of Interior on visa liberalization

Germany, 5 July 2018 – Today, the Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, on her official visit to the Federal Republic of Germany, was hosted in a meeting by Mr. Stephan Mayer, State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Interior.

Minister Hoxha informed the State Secretary on reforms undertaken and conditions met for visa liberalization.

Minister stressed that the conditions are met and the citizens of Kosovo expect from EU to recognize the achievements and enable the free movement of our citizens.

Further, Minister Hoxha informed the Secretary about the reforms undertaken in the area of migration, with special emphasis on legislative reforms that strengthen border control and policies towards foreigners and asylum.

Kosovo does not pose a risk in regards to illegal migration, Minister Hoxha said, because we have the entire proper legal and institutional infrastructure. In this context, Minister Hoxha sought the support of the German Ministry of Interior on visa liberalization for Kosovo, since the MoI is part of the decision-making process.

State Secretary congratulated Minister Hoxha on the reforms undertaken and assured that Germany continues to support Kosovo in the integration process as it has supported in other processes.

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku