Minister Hoxha receives the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for liberalisation

Budapest, 30 October 2018 – During the official visit to Hungary, the Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, was hosted in a meeting by Mr. Péter Sztáray, the State Secretary for European Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and in the meeting the Minister highlighted that Kosovo has met all the criteria for liberalisation and relies on the support of Hungary for liberalisation.

Minister Hoxha highlighted that she expects support from Hungary for Kosovo’s integrating process, as well as support during the voting in the Council of Ministers for the free movement of citizens of Kosovo.

Minister Hoxha, noted that Hungarian diplomacy has been a constant supporter of the interests of Kosovo and its citizens, it is now essential to remove the restriction for Kosovo citizens, the only country with restrictions on the free movement.

We have implemented all the conditions provided by the Roadmap for liberalization, all 95 conditions, we expect positive assessment and support from the EU countries, in particular from affirmed friendly countries such as Hungary.

Mr. Péter Sztáray, State Secretary for European Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reaffirmed the readiness of support for Kosovo on the international scene, by stressing the importance of meeting the conditions from the roadmap, the implementation of the SAA and other reforms that align Kosovo with the European Union. He expects the Council of Ministers to be consistent and recognize the achievements of Kosovo, which passed all the evaluations so far as positive; therefore, there is no obstacle to implement visa liberalization for Kosovo as well.

Minister Hoxha thanked the host, pointing out that Hungary knows illegal migration better than any other state and added that Kosovo is no more among the 30 EU countries with asylum applications, a phenomenon that has almost completely decreased and would not pose a risk for the EU countries.

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku