Lirak Çelaj hosted the Israeli Ambassador Fisher Kamm: There is a possibility and willingness to cooperate with mutual interest

Prishtina, 11 July 2019 - Deputy Minister of European Integration, Lirak Çelaj, hosted Dr. Alona Fisher Kamm, the Israeli Ambassador to Belgrade, and discussed the possibilities of establishing cooperation of mutual interest. He proposed the opening of respective business and culture offices in Kosovo and Israel.

Deputy Minister Çelaj stressed that his visit to Israel a few months ago was an opportunity to see the achievements that could be of mutual perspective and interest in the field of Education and Innovation. Israel can be a very good model for Kosovo on how a new state can develop.

";We have many areas for cooperation, primarily for the exchange of students and young people in programs and projects in the fields of innovation, technology, education and entrepreneurship, and also for investment in agro industry";, stressed Mr Çelaj and added that it would a good idea to open the respective offices for business and culture cooperation in Israel and Kosovo, saying that there is no better form of bringing closer our two states than by cooperating in business and culture.

Israeli Ambassador Fisher Kamm assessed that there is room and willingness for cooperation in many areas, including the improvement of relations between the two countries, focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, health, education and centers of excellence, education for people with special needs and other areas.

Ambassador Alona Fisher Kamm assessed they can also have exchanges of students, professional and academic staff, stressing that Israel is interested in having cooperation with all the countries of the region.

She assessed that the climate of doing business in Kosovo is good and expects the business community to offer the experiences and opportunities of mutual interest.

Deputy Minister Çelaj and Ambassador Fisher Kamm agreed that there is room for deepening cooperation, expressing the willingness to intensify meetings between the two states.

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku