Republic of KosovoKosova is an Independent State following the disintegration of Yugoslavia. Kosova status was almost equivalent to that of a republic under the 1974 Constitution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Under Slobodan Milosevic’s leadership, Serbia instituted a new constitution in 1989 that illegally evoked Kosova's status as an autonomous province of Yugoslavia. Kosova Albanian leaders responded in 1991 by organizing a referendum that declared Kosova independent. more
Kosovo’s EconomyKosovo’s economy is new and dynamic. Its foundation has been transformed from a centralist and controlled economy, to a free-market economy. The goal now is to increase competition within the economy, while increasing its export capacity to reduce Kosovo’s trade deficit. more
Investing in KosovoReasons to invest in Kosovo - Benefits for potential foreign and local investors. Some of the benefits from investing in Kosovo are: low taxes, rich resources and supportive business environment. more
Cultural Heritage Kosovo’s cultural heritage makes it an attractive country open to all. Kosovo’s tangible heritage was created by ancient civilizations and those of the new era, which have left a rich cultural treasure which is also part of world cultural heritage. This rich heritage is all over Kosovo, in archaeological parks and centers, in natural parks, in art galleries, in photographic and film archives, in castles and tower houses (kullas), in religious monuments and popular homes, in cobblestoned alleyways, in fountains and in all its museums.more
Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku