European Partnership Action Plan

Adoption of EPAP is of high importance since any further development of Kosovo's progress will be measured through implementation of the key, short-term and mid-term, priorities of the European Partnership.

In that sense the Action Plan is be used for planning the Government activities: Related to the Political agenda of the Government and its priorities; Legislative agenda for the Government (Laws, Sub legislation, Decisions and other legal acts) and for the Parliament; Plan for recruitments needed for implementation of European integration agenda and enforcement of the harmonized legal acts; Plan for institutional building and training of the staff; Plan for investments and particularly for IT network building related to the acquis.

Further on, the Action Plan is used for internal communication: to streamline the relations between the Prime minister and international community; the Prime minister and the government members (common understanding of the government agenda and results that have to be achieved); Ministers and there ministerial staff (clear guidelines with measurable benchmarks); Relations among the government bodies; Government and business community and with the social partners; Relations with the NGO sector; Communication with the media and with wider public and for external communication; Communication with international community and better understanding of Kosovo Priorities; Relations with European Commission and its services; With all EU member states and with Kosovo neighbours.

The EPAP follows the structure of the European Partnership for Kosovo 2007 and is in line with the Copenhagen and Madrid criteria, and therefore encompasses the following sections:

• Political Criteria
• Economic Criteria,
• European Standards,
• Public Administration Reforms and Administrative Capacity,
• Translation of the Acquis in to Kosovo official languages
• Information’s and communications
• Annexes, and
• Monitoring and Reporting against EPAP and Revision of the Programme.

European Partnership Action Plan ( EPAP ) 2009

Minister Bekim Çollaku
Bekim Çollaku